ObusUltraForme Backrest

The ObusUltraForme Backrest is the only backrest clinically proven to relieve back pain. Its unique, combination convex/concave design offers complete spinal support, providing total back postural alignment and aiding in the relief and prevention of back problems.


  • Extensively tested at Stanford University, UCLA and the Mets Clinic
  • Shifts the spine into a positive neutral curve, taking pressure off the lumbar discs
  • Reduces sedentary muscle contraction, alleviating back strain
  • Moves the shoulder blades upwards and medially, reducing slouching and improving respiratory capacity
  • Portable and lightweight, turns any chair into an ergonomic seating system
  • Available in three different sizes for optimal ergonomic alignment
  • Small for heights 5’2” and under (UF-BLK-SM)
  • Medium for heights 5’3” - 6’2” (UF-BLK-MD)
  • Large for heights 6’3” and above (UF-BLK-LG)
  • Available in Black
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