“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”.
(Abraham Lincoln)

At Bionova Orthotics & Medical Supplies we know that active lifestyle is a mandatory aspect for happy and full life. Our mission is to ensure that you will feel the difference with our orthotics.

Bionova Method

Bionova Orthotics & Medical Supplies specializes in providing custom solutions for feet with understanding of feet biomechanics in order to improve comfort and body alignment. We offer an extensive list of solutions for problem feet including orthotics, braces and compression stockings. Our goal is to help you to enjoy life with healthy feet. In our practice we employ biomechanical examination and casting technique. Biomechanical examinations are performed in our facility by a licensed pediatrist on staff. Casting technique of the patient feet includes the following:

1. Semi-weight bearing technique using a foam casting box.
2. Non-weight bearing, neutral suspension plaster casting technique.

Our Clients

Bionova Orthotics values your time and wants to make sure that your needs are handled in the most effective way. To schedule an appointment, please contact Bionova Orthotics & Medical Supplies at (604) 558-1508.

Our location

We are located on 691 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2T5. At our store you can see a great selection of shoes, orthopedic soles and other medical supplies.
We are open Monday through Friday (10am - 6pm) and Saturday (11am - 4pm).